• "If a time flies like an arrow, a fruit flies like a banana." Groucho Marx
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Street part two

Almost forgot about the part two =) Taken around the world, enjoy! Advertisements

Street part three; coulor

Shoots i made in color, using wide array of equipment

Portraits part three; Lucija

Exploring surreal and makeup. We did this shooting a year ago, and it took quite unexpected turn. I tried to express the touch of surreal we felt that day. Hope you enjoy them! Have a nice day!

Haris and Irnis

Portraits part two

Shoots taken during the period of renovation of my apartment/studio In my opinion, they carry the optimism with wich I was surrounded at the time, and document of some great people I met. Enjoy your day =)

Portraits, part one

This is the first in the series of portraits i did last few years. Most were done in my studio. Hope you enjoy them! =)

Shoot first, ask questions later, street part 1

Apart from portraiture, social photography always fascinated me the most. I looked up to many names, form Bresson, Erwitt and similar, constantly trying to figure out what made their pictures stand out. What made Bresson’s decisive moment? What made Erwitt’s sense for humor? Is it possible to learn them? I think it comes to intuition. … Continue reading

The amazing Fuji x10

It was kind of surprising that voice of users finally found it way to the ears of developers. I can’t remember how long did i read blogs and forums with countless photographers and enthusiasts talking about the need of compact camera that would meet their demands. I was looking at the Canon G series for … Continue reading

Hello Earthlings!

Hello there! =) My name is Jan, and I am Earth based photographer. Also, in my spare time I am architecture student and web surfer. I shoot mostly advertising and commercial photography, but my main passion lies in street and documentary photography and fine art. Here you will read and look about photography in general … Continue reading